Beginning in April 2014, two entrepreneurs from different backgrounds founded Wicoz Inc, with a focus on developing high-quality, intelligent products for mothers and their young children. Today, we have grown to eight people who are committed to bringing you devices and home appliances that deliver convenience, safety, cost savings, and a peace of mind. We are excited and honored to be a part of the design innovation shift that is occurring in the products used to raise children and ultimately, families.

The origins of the Wicoz Inc logo come from its simplicity in design, its neutral color scheme, and the reference to life that it embodies. The flower-shaped letter “i” represents a sprouting flower that is healthy, abundant, and full of life. The “For Babies. We Care.” slogan speaks of our commitment and concern for our #1 customer, the little children who use the products made by Wicoz.

We are filled with ambition, desire, and a sense of purpose readying the launch of our first product, the Milk Nanny smart milk maker in early 2015.